Technical CONOPS for Developing, Sustaining and Operating Systems


How to plan, design, build, operate and sustain electronic systems of all kinds, and make sure systems are thought through, built and maintained right. Using real-world examples, this is a how-to course on avoiding the pitfalls that trap project managers and engineers (both contractor and government).  From IT networks to the mission-critical weapons systems they support, learn how to build, operate and sustain failure-proof systems by using a Technical CONOPS, the Stakeholder Matrix, the Single Page Operations Concept and other checklists and examples.  3-day course and 24 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).  In small team exercises, learn same techniques taught to Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, DARPA and Coalition Partners, in accordance with ITIL best practices.  One of three classes required to earn accreditation as a “Certified Project Leader”.


Design systems via projects and programs that are cancellation-proof thanks to strong user support; Learn how to:
  • Deliver systems and capabilities on-budget and on-schedule
  • Meet the users’ real expectations (not just the specification)
  • Recognize misleading statistics and skewed/incorrect data from contractors
  • Collect and act on the end user’s evolving requirements
  • Forecast problems long in advance and fix them before they impact schedule or budget
  • Exceed all training requirements of the new DODI 5000 and Better Buying Power 3.0 including industry’s best practices
  • Be a better writer, briefer and technical team leader.


  • Plan, design, build, operate and sustain complex systems, of all kinds

  • Learn common pitfalls to avoid as a PM or Engineer

  • How to utilize Technical CONOPS to sustain failure-proof systems

  • Systems Developerscivilian and military, all experience levels


  • 3 Day Course

  • Custom tailored to fit your needs

  • Taught On-Site at Your Facility or At A Physical Location Of Our Choosing

  • Not offered online or via webinar


  • Program/Project Managers

  • Engineers and Acquisition Professionals

  • Business Development Professionals

  • Systems Developerscivilian and military, all experience levels

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