Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

I have worked closely with Mack over 3+ decades in my roles as an Air Force Fighter Weapons School Instructor Pilot, VP LM Advanced Development Program (ADP) Deputy, and Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) VP Technology Innovation and Strategic Pursuits. Whether as a USAF Officer or [a consultant], Mack McKinney gets the job done. He thinks strategically, approaches topics professionally, engages effectively, and is a true Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the development of Concepts of Operations (ConOps) in the Department of Defense (DoD) environment. Mack is able to take even the most complex subjects and synthesize them into key elements, helping his clients through a morass of acronyms and hard to interpret strategic writing. He applies cognitive analysis to highlight new insights and peel off layers of confusion and obfuscation enroute to the nexus of the issue at hand. He fully understands and illustrates the importance, use, impact, and value proposition associated with the application of his structured methodology to constructing insightful and innovative ConOps.

Neil Kacena, Senior Vice President


Applied Technology Institute

I have had Mack teach courses courses to engineering groups. Topics included how to balance risk-taking with building a reputation for successful projects; getting multi-discipline teams to collaborate; how to build Technical CONOPS, and how to lead difficult projects in dysfunctional bureaucracies. Mack always delights ATI's clients (even the tough engineering and scientific communities) and he ties the instructional material to real-world examples and case studies, many of them pulled from his 4+ decades of experience. ATI is very happy with its relationship with Mack and his team.

Jim Jenkins, CEO


Co-Owner, Secure Network Technologies
Classified Customer in IC

I had the pleasure of tackling several complex projects with Mack and wouldn't have gotten through it all without his concise, on point and timely analysis of issues. Mack is a gifted writer and can turn stupidly complicated concepts into deftly articulated thoughts, and does it quickly. I soon came to rely on his insights and advice. He was always there when I needed him and was never afraid to stop by my desk and offer gently understated but profoundly needed suggestions. I look forward to working with Mack again and would highly encourage anyone to reach out to him and see what he can do for you. 

Dirk Vandervaart


Strategic Engineering Solutions

Mack is a true subject matter expert on the development CONOPs in the DoD environment. His knowledge and contacts in the industry are unparalleled in this area and he knows how to leverage them to great effect. Mack is able take even the most complex subjects and boil them down to the most pertinent and important elements and help his clients understand them is exceptional. He is a born teacher and natural problem solver. Working with Mack has helped us enormously in our support to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as well as a number of other DoD clients. Mack takes his work seriously and he has a passion for ensuring that the right tools and technologies end up in the hands of our Warfighters. I recommend the CONOPs course and Mack's work without reservation.

Jonathan Bennett, Vice President


When you first meet Mack you notice how engaging, focused and attentive he is. You then notice his excellent interpersonal skills. As you get to know him you also find out that he has great business sense, is a hard worker and excellent negotiator. He is not afraid of change or risk or creative thinking, and is always trying to make everything and everyone around him better. He became so key to the business that we asked him to serve on the Board of Directors, a role he handled with skill and diplomacy. You would be wise to consider hiring Mack when you need first rate thought leadership. The excellent customer service comes for free!

Doug Shields


Lockheed Martin Corporation

Mack is a dedicated and self motivated entrepreneur whose contributions have made a significant impact on the readiness to his customers and in his company. Mack is a consummate professional who takes his job seriously and fully applies himself to the assigned task. His cognitive analysis provided valuable new insights into his business. Mack is a team player that adapts quickly to a changing market. Mack is a versatile individual, ready now to tackle greater challenges. 

Roderick Talabucon​, Senior System Engineer, Control Account Manager (CAM) and IPT Lead at Lockheed Martin


Port of San Antonio, TX

Mack is one of the most clear-thinking people I've ever seen. He will steadily peel off the layers of confusion and irrelevance until he uncovers the pure center of the issue. He knows when to nudge the process along and when to forcibly direct it. Once he uncovers the essence of the process, Mack expertly aggregates the surrounding issues and processes. He shows you how they go together and WHY they fit together the way that they do. He isn't satisfied until you clearly understand his process and can do it for yourself.

Bill Badger, Project Manager


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